Connecting People, Cultures,
and the World in the Digital Landscape

The Station

KMTP-TV32, Digital 33 is licensed to Minority Television Project, Inc., a not-for-profit [501 (c) (3)] corporation, and serves the San Francisco Bay Area as a non-commercial public television station. Station offices are located in Palo Alto with additional facilities in San Francisco. As the only public broadcasting station in the market that places substantial reliance on corporate sponsors and contributions rather than government funding, the Station continually seeks on-going support to further its mission.


The station’s signal is broadcast from Sutro Towers with 2.5 million watts of power. Its signal is carried by substantially all the cable television systems in the nine-county San Francisco Bay area reaching approximately 1.9 million households over the air, via satellite and cable. Major California cities covered include San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Berkeley, and Palo Alto.


KMTP-TV32, Digital 33’s mission is multicultural diversity – through information, education and the arts – bringing significant programming to underrepresented groups in addition to broader audiences in the San Francisco Bay Area.

KMTP is the smallest and youngest public television station in the market. For the past ten years, it has been dedicated to addressing socially conscious issues as well as diversity in its programming fare. Its dedication is reflected in its programming and mission and organization.

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